Carita Facials

CARITA can only be found in 132 salons in the UK. Every product increases cellular energy to give you the “Iconic CARITA complexion”

Lagoon Hydration, 60 mins - £75

Refreshing Replenishing Care Dehydrated Skin

Dive into Polynesian water and give your skin a burst of moisture. Specially designed for dehydrated and tired skin, this treatment immerses the skin in a bath of freshness, leaving it radiant and hydrated.


Purifying and Mattifying, 60 mins - £75

Balancing Matiffying Care Combination to Oily Skin

Infuse the skin with Papaya extract and rediscover the freshness of a matte and luminous complexion. Pores are refined and the skin is purified to leave it fresh, even-toned and smoother.

Cotton Soothing and Recovering, 60 mins - £75

Tender Smoothing Care Sensitive Skin 

Regain skin comfort and softness with Cotton extract to soothe away imbalances. Specifically designed for sensitive skin, this “cocooning” treatment will restore the skin and leave it more resistant to irritations and perfectly harmonised.

Neomorphose Anti-Ageing Facial, 1hr 15mins - £85

The CARITA Anti-Ageing Radiance Rejuvenation Facial smooths and softens all signs of stress and tiredness from the skin. Refining the skin texture, removing impurities and surface dead skin cells gives a visible difference to the clarity and luminosity of the skin, followed by a relaxing facial massage to release any tension in the face and forehead.