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Dermalogica Targeted Treatments

Pro Skin 30 Skin Treatment, 30 mins - £35

This intensive 30-minute treatment is designed for your most pressing skin concern. The bespoke treatment can provide you with visible results fast. For brighter and healthier skin. 


Pro Skin 60 Skin Treatment, 60 mins - £55

For the best skin you've ever had, why not try our ultimate 60-minute treatment. Targeted to all of your skin needs, leaving your skin radiant and glowing. Improve texture and tone, brighten and boost collagen production with highly advanced professional-grade actives for a deeper treatment. 

Pro calm, 60 mins - £55
This treatment soothes and calms the skin with botanical active ingredients. Redness is reduced, the skin is balanced, softened, and hydrated.


Pro clear, 60 mins - £55
This treatment targets all types of breakouts. It helps to clear congestion, calm post breakout inflammation, balances and hydrates the skin without adding shine.

Pro firm, 60 mins - £55
This treatment combines skin resurfacing to help revitalize and smooth the skin. Advanced modalities are used to firm and tone leaving the skin replenished and glowing.  

Pro Bright, 60 mins - £55 
This treatment combines a brightening peel with electrical infusion of professional grade vitamin C.  it fades dark spots, evens the skin tone and reveals brighter skin.

Pro Power Peel*, 30 mins - £60

The Pro Power Peel is a unique system of deep exfoliation that can be tailored to your skin type. In the 30-minute treatment, your skin therapist will customise a peel to instantly resurface and rehydrate your skin, it can target lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation or breakouts. Includes After Care Kits.

Pro Power Peel*, 60 mins - £80

The Pro Power Peel can be combined with the Pro Power Eye Peel for dramatic results. Pro Power Eye Peel brightens eyes in a flash! This concentrated eye patch brightens the undereye skin, helps even skin tone and texture, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This powerful yet gentle eye peel features ingredients that encourages cell turnover. Includes after care kits.

Eye Power Peel*, 30 mins - £30

*Patch Test Required for peel treatments

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